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About Us


About Us

Melly Beauty Makeup Artistry, LLC

is a traveling team of luxury makeup artists who not only provide beautiful work but also an exceptional experience. Let us take the stress out of your day by creating a relaxing, fun, and professional getting ready experience for you! 

We are based in Fredericksburg, VA but we have no limits on how far we will travel for our clients! We have had the honor of working weddings all over VA, as well AZ, DE, and CA. We will always travel to you on your wedding day to insure a stress-free morning!

Melly Beauty Makeup Artistry, LLC is also insured! This not only protects us but it protects you! We want to go above and beyond for our clients in every way.

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​​Let's Get A Smidge More Personal

Melissa Eadie, founder and lead artist

is a professionally trained makeup artist, having earned her education at The Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, CA. At school she was not only educated on long-lasting makeup application and hygienic procedures, but she gained an incredible understanding of photography and lighting, both in photos and in video, and she will ensure you look as amazing in photos as you will in person! Believe it or not, makeup on your wedding day has to be strategically enhanced in order for you to not look washed out in photos! But this does not mean your makeup has to be caked on or that you will look like a totally different person!

On a deeper level, Melissa is a 2x cancer survivor and she knows the power makeup can have when being faced with a plethora of insecurities. She is a firm believer that makeup has an incredible ability to provide confidence without making you feel like you're someone else.

"I want my clients to leave my chair seeing themselves in a different light. I want my girls to gain a newfound confidence and to have their main character moment.

Makeup in itself is not the showstopper, that's you queen."

Melissa is passionate about her craft and understanding the ins and outs of the industry, but she is also passionate about women feeling empowered and bold in who they are! She hopes that while providing a service, she can also help educate women with her expertise in makeup.

Fun Facts

Melissa is a cat mom to Shiva and Beasley.

Melissa wrote a book about her cancer journey and it was published in 2021!.

Melissa is also trained in Special Fx and has a deep love for all things zombies.

As of 2023, Melissa has been a maid of honor 2x, and a bridesmaid 7x. I guess you could say she really loves weddings! ​

So, What Sets Us Apart?

Melissa strives to run a business that not only creates beautiful work on every job, but to also help educate the everyday woman on how to build self-confidence through the art of makeup. 

We specialize in soft glam, however each of our artists pry themselves on the ability to communicate and listen so that we can create your dream bridal makeup! We will create a look that not only accentuates your already gorgeous features but leaves you feeling your absolute Best! We have heard so many horror stories about a bride who didn't get the look they wanted because they felt the makeup artist pushed their own opinions on them, but you can rest assured with our team, we will give our professional opinion but never make a decision for you! 

We have also heard stories from bridesmaids where the artist working their friend's wedding didn't acknowledge the reference photo the bridesmaid had shown because the artist took it upon themselves to do a look they wanted to do to quickly get through it, and the makeup didn't even last. This left the client feeling like just another paycheck and not someone who was being provided a service.  But even more shockingly, several stories of timeline issues where members of the bridal party didn't get their makeup done because the artist didn't allow enough time and ended up falling behind. The artist had raved about how they could do each client in 30 minutes, but a lot of issues can stem from working with such little time.  


We want everyone to have a luxurious experience, so we allow sufficient time for everyone to be able to relax in our chairs,  and everyone will have a full skin prep, all luxury products and a touch bag to ensure they are fully taken care of. 

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What You Can Guarantee When Booking a Melly Beauty  Artist

We are professional, passionate, punctual, well educated and will provide long-lasting makeup for you and your bridal party on your big day!

​Our kits and brushes are cleaned after each client, and we are up to date on the latest hygienic protocols.​

There is no limit on where we won't go! That is the benefit of having a traveling makeup artistry team! We come to you so you can relax in your hotel, Airbnb, or venue while we take care of the pampering.​

Communication is a top priority for us, you will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

We are a fun group of girls who love what we do and we love our clients, we want to say thank youeach and every person who has allowed us to lay a brush on their face and a hand on their heart!

We are so honored to be a part of your bridal team on your big day!

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