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Luxury Bridal Services



Luxury Bridal Traditional Makeup

Price Includes:

Skin care, full skin prep, high end,
luxurious makeup brands and all
waterproof makeup.

A bridal touch up bag.

False lashes are our gift to you!

Traditional makeup is applied with a brush.


Bridal Preview

A bridal preview ensures that you know exactly what to expect on the day of your wedding. It takes a tremendous amount of stress off you as the bride having had the time to not only meet your artist but witness their work before you have to wear it down the aisle.


Bridal previews are required when booking a Melly Beauty Makeup Artist.





Luxury Bridal Airbrush Makeup

Price includes:

Skin care, full skin prep to increase longevity of makeup,

high end, luxurious makeup brands and all waterproof makeup. Will last between 10-12 hours.


A bridal touch up bag.

False lashes are our gift to you!

Airbrush makeup is applied with an airbrush gun and compressor.


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Saturday Minimum

Minimum booking for Saturday weddings : $900

(Ie: Bride, bridal preview, + 3 bridesmaids.)


Credit can be used towards getting your makeup done for your bridal shower, engagement photoshoot, or a boudoir shoot.

It can also be put towards a makeup preview for your mother or any members of your bridal party.

Flower Girl (8 And Under) $75
Flower Girl (Age 9 And Up) $100
Grooming For The Groom $75

Additional Services

Perfect for blemishes on shoulders,
chest or back, or to add a beautiful
goddess glow to any uncovered skin.



Body Makeup / Body Makeup $50

Price to be determined upon size.

Tattoo Cover
Book Your ArtistTo Stay For Event

Is your wedding on a hot summer day? Are you worried about touch ups throughout the event? Maybe you're worried about all the smooching you'll be doing and don't know how to do your touch ups. 

No fear! Book your artist to stay past the scheduled finish time to do touch ups throughout your event.


Hourly Rate: $75

Other Services

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